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Mulching & Weeding

No matter how big or small, those weeds have got to go! Whether you have a full scale invasion taking up all the valuable space in your garden for new plants, or just a few eye sores that need removing, we will stay on top your weeding needs. 

Once the weeds are pulled out down to the root, its time to get some fresh mulch back in the garden. There's no need for overkill here. If we are maintaing an existing garden bed, or laying down mulch for the first time - we will determine what is the appropriate amount of mulch for your garden beds to minimize cost and waste of materials.

No Mulch Volcanoes!

Have you ever seen those trees on a property that look like they are ready to erupt?

This practice is quite common and is very recongnizable, especially around commercial properties. A tall mound of mulch forming a volcano-like shape around a tree, completely hiding the roots.

This could potentially be killing your trees! When mulch is piled overtop of tree roots, it traps moisture around the base of the tree, leading to fungus, rot, or eventually death of the tree.

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